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Public Employees

TCP Asset Management Advisors are educated, experienced and focused on providing retirement guidance to public employees of municipalities, school systems and universities through their state employer plan offerings. Our advisors are experts in the state retirement programs and can assist state employees in the development of retirement strategies regardless of whether they are part of Social Security, STRS, SERS, OPERS, Alternative Retirement Plan options and/or combination of different programs.

Public Retirement Services

TCP is dedicated to helping employees’ enrich their employer retirement plan experience.We have customized plan solutions for public employees with the goal of helping you build wealth and achieve retirement success. Our focus is on providing investment  and retirement management services to our clients, while continuing to monitor and adjust their plan when deemed necessary. Our service commitment demands no less than the following for each individual client:

  • Quarterly phone calls regarding accounts and investments
  • Annual face to face account reviews
  • Compliance Approved Market Commentary
  • Quarterly Risk Allocation Model Updates

The TCP Difference

Our comprehensive service model takes a holistic approach to your retirement planning and encourages our clients to take full advantage of the retirement plan benefits available to them. This involves on-going communication and monitoring of your retirement plan, not just an initial enrollment. Our goal is to be with you from the accumulation phase at the beginning of your working career to your distribution phase through your retirement years. We are striving to put everyone we work with on a path to financial independence and personal freedom.

Seeking Financial Independence

Through your employer retirement plan, we can incorporate Financial Independence Planning. This encompasses all aspects of your financial life, while setting goals to help you achieve your personalized view of Financial Independence. Our planning process is designed to try to help you earn as much from your investment and retirement accounts as you do from your working career. You don’t have to be retired to achieve this. This could be empowering your lifestyle, prepping the lifestyle you want, or giving you the financial freedom to accomplish your financial goals. Everyone isn’t the same, and our process acknowledges that while providing planning that could include paying for your child’s education, financially helping a loved one, or purchasing the home of your dreams. To accomplish these goals our typical planning process includes asset management services, retirement/financial planning, and goal setting/monitoring objectives.